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Review of Fourka

Distance from Thessaloniki 105 km.

The old village lies 3 km from the coast. It is and old village with traditional architecture, impressive churches, picturesque chapels within the pine forest. The new village, at the area named Scala, is a beautiful, modern holiday resort with nice modern house complexes.

Sights - archaeological sites:
The traditional houses, the church of the cemetery with early Christian sculptures and murals dating from the 16 th century AC and the village's main church (1830).
The chapel dedicated to Panagia Mavroutsa (Virgin Mary) on the northwest with murals of the 16 th century AC.
The chapel dedicated to Panagia Meleti (Virgin Mary) southeast of the old village, amidst the pine forest. It is a masterpiece of the Byzantine church architecture.

Restaurants, taverns, steak houses.

Fresh fish.

All kinds of water sports.

Fourka Beaches

At the location called Skala, is the beach of village, that assembles crowds of people in the summertime.
The beach is sandy and has all comforts for the visitors (restaurants, bars and facilities water sports).

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