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Nea Skioni

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Nea Skioni
Distance from Thessaloniki 122 km.

The ancient village of Skioni was built after the Trojan War and is mentioned as the first colony of South Greeks in Halkidiki. Warriors from Pellini in the Peloponnese, after the fall of Troy , were returning home with their ships loaded with female slaves and loots. Sailing around Halkidiki, they anchored at the southwest coast of Kassandra , to replenish their supplies in food and water or even to spend the winter there. While the men were on shore, the Trojan female slaves burned the ships and forced the warriors to remain in Kassandra for ever, marry them and found the settlement, which was later named Skioni. A coin from the ancient town (around 500 BC) pictures the Homeric hero Protesilaos, mentioned as the founder of the town. The port of Skioni was important and contributed greatly to the town's prosperity.

During the 5 th century BC, Skioni joined the Athenian Alliance, but during the Peloponnesian War took the part of the Spartans. Skioni was punished heavily for this defection. The Athenians captured the town, slaughtered the inhabitants or took them for slaves and brought migrants from Platees to inhabit it.

Ancient Skioni was southeastern from the village's present location. During the 19 th century, the village Tsaprani was built around 4 km northeast of the present location of Nea Skioni. After 1930 its inhabitants settled on the coast and abandoned the inland village. The settlement founded there was named Nea Skioni.

The new village is a quiet, coastal settlement, surrounded by olive trees.

Beautiful, sandy, spotless and completely organised beach, in front of the homonymous village.

Sights - archaeological sites:
The beaches.
The old village Tsaprani, high in the woods, and its church built in 1867.
The church dedicated to Panagia Faneromeni (Virgin Mary).

Traditional festival on August 23 (Virgin Mary).

Restaurants, fish taverns.

Fresh fish.

All kinds of water sports.

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