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Neos Marmaras

Review of Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras
Distance from Thessaloniki 118 km.

A modern new coastal settlement, created in 1922 by refugees from Asia Minor . The bay of Neos Marmaras was once named Balabani and was of great importance for the Byzantines, since they protected it with walls and towers. The area called Balabani belonged to the Monastery Gregoriou before 1429. The wounded fighters of the Macedonian war found here, in the monastery buildings, shelter during the war. In the beginning of the 20 th century here was a small fishing settlement and that was where the refugees from the coast of Marmaras of Propontis came to live. They named the settlement Neos Marmaras, to remind them of the homeland they left behind.

After 1960 Neos Marmaras quickly developed into an international tourist resort. Next to the village, in a small bay, surrounded by a wonderful pine forest, was built the biggest (for many years) in Greece complex for organised vacation, the PORTO CARRAS. It was created by the great Greek ship owner Ioannis Carras, who, in 1960- 1970, bought the land which by then belonged to the Monastery Gregoriou . Today, the complex extends to an area of more than 4.500 acres and its coastline is more than 10 km long. It has a shopping mall, tavern, restaurant, golf course, wine cellar and vineyards, casino, marina, nautical club, sailing and diving school and numerous other facilities for water – and other kinds of sports (tennis, basket etc).

To the area of Neos Marmaras belong also the smaller settlements: Agia Kyriaki (St Kyriaki), Azapico, Galini, Kambos Gregoriou, Keramaria, Paradissos , Styladiario, Parthenonas.

The beach of village, on its left side, is sandy with spotless waters.
It has restaurants and bars.

Sights - archaeological sites:
The chapels, which belonged to the Monasteries Gregoriou and Konstamonitou of Mount Athos in the area of Tripotamos.
The mountaintop of Itamos.
The little island Kelyfos. It is only 1 sq. km with precipitous coastline and no water, but full OF pines and wild olive trees.
The winery in the Porto Carras Resort.

Folklore events for Carnival.
Traditional festival on August 29, when the church of the village celebrates.
Traditional festival for the Pentecost (the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles).

Restaurants, taverns, pizza houses.

Fresh fish.

All kinds of water sports.
Walking routes.
Horse riding.

Accommodation in Neos Marmaras