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Review of Vourvourou

Distance from Thessaloniki 115 km.

It is an idyllic area with picturesque bays, green coastline, sandy beaches, capes, rocky islets, clean sea, and many holiday houses, amidst olive and pine trees. Behind the shore, towards the inland, raises Mount Itamos , full of forests.

The village's present name dates back from the Byzantine Era and is related to the name of the tribe, which lived here. During the Byzantine Era, (10 th century) the Monastery Ieromnimon, which later became property of the Monastery Xenophontos of Mount Athos, was at the location, where a chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary is today. Excavation works around the chapel brought to light several findings, which most probably belonged to that monastery.

In the greater area of Vourvourou was the ancient town Siggos, which ruled over the surrounding settlements. The Gulf between the peninsulas of Sithonia and Mount Athos (Siggitikos) was named after it. The town was member of the Athenian Alliance, but decided to defect when the Peloponnesian war begun. When the Athenians and the Spartans signed the Peace of Nikias (421 BC) Siggos re-joined the Athenian Alliance.

Right on the south entrance to the village are the holiday houses of many Professors from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. These are very beautiful houses, built with respect to the environment and according to the local architecture. The little island Diaporos is also in the greater area of Vourvourou.

Beach - Karydi

Perhaps the most beautiful beach of Sithonia.
White, thin sand, turquoise waters. Small and quiet beach

Food - entertainment:
Restaurants, taverns, pizza houses.

All kinds of water sports.

Accommodation in Vourvourou