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Review of Platamonas

The village of Platamonas is situated 40km. away from the capital town of Katerini, having a population of approximately 1,500 inhabitants. Platamonas owes its name to the presence of many plane-trees, («platanos» in Greek). The beautiful beach, combining both pebbles and sand, is ideal for swimming with crystal clear waters.
Platamonas is one of the most beautiful resorts of Northern Greece and Pieria in particular, with a view at the snowy tops of the Olympus mountain. It is an international touristic seasonal centre, with spotlessly clean sea, sandy beaches and a dense forest with plane-trees (from which the place takes its name). Although Platamonas is famous for its imposing occidental castle fortress (built in 1204), the town’s golden era is ... summertime! Today the castle is used for the needs of events like the Olympus Festival, as well as for sightseeing purposes. Other places which are worth visiting are the Artemis’ Source, the Muses’ Source, and the Source of Agios Vimatos with its traditional watermill. The coastal road is well known for its fish taverns and cafes, with view at the Thermaic Sea. The night life of Platamonas is intense and secular and lasts till the morning. Daily excursions to the Thermaic Sea go out every day at the harbour (marina) for groups or tourists with small ships and special boats.
The visitor may find here several hotels, apartments, tavernas, cafeterias and bars.

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