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Skala Potamias

Review of Skala Potamias

Skala Potamia is a very popular beach resort located almost 15 kilometres from Thassos Town and about 32 kilometres from Skala Prinos. The beach stretches along a bay on the Northeast side of the island that is surrounded by a spectacular chain of wooded mountains including Mount Ipsario, the tallest mountain on Thassos that soars 1204 meters, or 3950 feet above sea level.
Skala Potamia has a lot to offer its visitors. It offers a variety of restaurants, tavernas, snack bars, cafes, night clubs and souvenir shops along the beautiful coastline. There are also super markets, car rentals, motorcycle rentals and other shops and services that are very easy to find. The town has many years of experience serving its tourists and the people take good care of their guests. The port is a nice area to walk to and the views you can find are incredible. A perfect mix of mountains, sun and sea is what you will find here.

Accommodation in Skala Potamias