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Review of Potos

Potos is a wonderful coastal village on the island's South side 45 kilometers from Thassos Town and 28 kilometres from the port in Skala Prinos . It has
developed into a settlement with permanent residents in the last few decades but has not always been this way.

Before it was used primarily as a harbor by the people of Theologos, so it was not much more than a fishing village. Fishing is very good on the South side of the island, better than the northern waters. The waters here are deeper and offer a higher population of fish and a larger variety of them as well. This makes Potos quite a busy area all year round. The Winter season is arguably the best time to fish because of the more kind of fish that are available to catch, including squid and octopus.  

During the Summer this village is a very popular holiday destination among tourists, especially the younger ones. It is especially busy in July and August when schools and universities are closed for the Summer. Young families tend to enjoy coming here too. The narrow streets are lined with shops and snack bars, while cars and motorbikes are limitted to only a few roads in town. After a long day at the beach, the tourists fill the streets and walkways to shop and to look for a venue where they will relax and enjoy a drink and perhaps party the night away.

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