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Review of Preveza

The town of Preveza was founded on the 290 B.C. by the king Pyrros of Epirus. In the late medieval period a new town was founded with the present name of Preveza which passed in 1499 into the hands of Venice. Evidence of this time is the castle, the only substantial remaining proof of the town's former fortifications with an amazing view over the gulf. Today Preveza is one of the most lively and organized touristic resort on the Ionian Coast offering in the surronding area a wide number of fascinating beaches and bays with crystal water. Sights to visit: The ancient town of Nikopolis built by the Emperor Octavian. The archeological site of Kassope. The Oracle of Dead of Ephyra, on the way to Parga. The Amvrakikos Gulf, protected area of natural beauty.

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