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Nea Kalikratia

Review of Nea Kalikratia

Nea Kallikratia
Distance from Thessaloniki 45 km.

It is located between Thessaloniki and the Kassandra peninsula.

Nea Kallikratia was once a small refugee settlement. Its inhabitants had moved here from the town Kallikratia in East Thrace . The area hosted many thriving and powerful ancient settlements. The most important was the city of Antigonia , founded in 280 BC by the King of Macedonia Antigonos Gonatas, to praise his name. Antigonia had strong city walls. The best finding, which indicates Kallikratia's glorious past, is exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. It is the “girl with the pigeon” and it originates from another town, which existed here in the Classic Time (unknown to us for the time being). It is a most beautiful tomb relief with a pediment, created in 440 BC by a sculptor from the island of Paros.

Today, Nea Kallikratia is a well known holiday resort of Halkidiki. The heart of the village is the quay, where there are many cafeterias and restaurants. The village's beach is very beautiful, with crystal-clear waters and smooth sand.

Wide, clean, sandy, fully organised beach, in front of the homonymous village.
It has all kinds of restaurants, bars and facilities for water sports.

Food - entertainment:
Restaurants, taverns.

Fresh fish.

All kinds of water sports.

Accommodation in Nea Kalikratia