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Review of Kalithea

Distance from Thessaloniki 90 km.

It was a sacred location for the ancient Greek and a delightful summer cosmopolitan heaven for today's visitors.

Excavation works at this area brought to light an archaic Sanctuary of Dionysus and the Nymphs (8 th century BC) and a big Sanctuary of Ammon Zeus (5 th century BC). Both were of great importance during the Hellenistic and Classic Time. At the Sanctuary of Dionysus, the ancient Greeks also worshiped Apollo Kanastreos. In the 4 th century AC, after the triumph of Christianity, at the time of Megas Theodosius, the ancient pagan sanctuaries were destroyed. A Christian basilica was built at the place, where the Sanctuary of Ammon Zeus was. Fragments from the architectural decoration of this church, but also from the ancient Sanctuaries are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Polygyros and in the Monastery Agios Panteleimonas (St Panteleimon) in Mount Athos (during the 11 th century AC the village and the fields around it belonged to this monastery). The church dedicated to Agios Pantelehmonas dates also from the 11 th century.

Refugees from Asia Minor built the new village. It is also known as Maltepe.

Sights – archaeological sites:
The whole area with the ancient sanctuaries and the modern big hotel complexes and tourist facilities.
The Sanctuary of Ammon Zeus.

Traditional festival on July 27 (Agios Panteleimon – St Panteleimon) with many events.
The crossing of Toroneos Gulf (international swimming competition) on the last Sunday of July. The start is in the morning from Kallithea and the finish in Nikiti (24 km). At the finish, the athletes are greeted with a big public celebration with many events.

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