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Review of Ouranoupolis

Distance from Thessaloniki 135 km.

Built by refugees from Asia Minor, on the estate, which belonged to the Monastery Vatopediou of Mount Athos since the 13 th century.

It was named after Ouranoupolis, an ancient town founded by Alexarhos, brother of Kassandros in 315 BC, at the location where the ancient town Sani was. The ancient Ouranoupolis had a perimeter of 30 stadiums and was a little further than today, closer to Tripiti.

Today, the village is the main harbour towards Mount Athos. Besides the beautiful beaches, it offers the visitor the possibility to wander around an area full of archaeological sites and to admire numerous sights. Amongst them is the Tower of Prosphorios, the best preserved of its kind, who was built before 1344 AC.

The beach of Ouranoupoli begins from Trypiti and reaches up to the village.
It is a sandy beach, with spotless waters.
Along the shore there are many hotels and the facilities for all kinds of water sports.

Sights - archaeological sites:
The Frangocastro (Frankish Castle or Monastery of Zygos), on the border of Mount Athos, a building dating back in the time of the Frankish Domination.
The guardhouse of Mount Athos.

Traditional festival on May 21.

Food - entertainment:
Restaurants, fish taverns, pizza houses.

Fresh fish.

All kinds of water sports.
Walking routes.
Other sports (tennis, basket).

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Mount Athos residence permit issuing office:
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