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Chryssi Akti

Review of Chryssi Akti

This beautiful beach resort town is an increasingly popular destination among Thassos' visitors.  It is located about 14 kilometres from Thassos Town and 31 kilometres from Skala Prinos . It is called  Golden Beach or "Chrissi Ammoudia", a two and a half kilometre- long sandy beach that reaches the neighboring resort town of Skala Potamia on the other side of the bay. "Chrissi" in English translation means "golden" and the beach was given its name because of the vast stretch of sand that it is made up of which takes on a golden color when the sun is high in the sky shining brightly on it. It is a very fine, white sand that dominates most of the beach. A few short spans of the beach have rock, but much of the 2.5 kilometres, which is one of the longest beaches on Thassos, is pure sand. The water is clearer than one can imagine, which makes snorkeling a very popular activity here. The beach is shallow and makes it a very safe place for children to swim and play in.

There are many activities available on the beach including beach volleyball and even water sports like tubing, jet ski, riding a bananna boat, kayaking and more. There is even a water taxi that runs twice a day between Skala Potamia , Skala Panagia, Makryammos and Thassos Town . Golden Beach proudly holds two Blue Flags .